How to submit news

There are 3 ways to get your press releases, artwork and release dates onto



Direct from your own online press room

Option 1: Email

Press releases and assets can be emailed to

A couple of tips:

  • Word docs or plain text files are best, or simply include your text in your email body. Please DON'T send press releases as PDFs: they're hellish for us to copy and paste from.
  • Please include any images as attachments rather than pasting them into your email body.

Option 2: Elite Elite is our premium service enabling you to add your own press releases and images directly to You'll get access to a special set of easy-to-use tools that let you quickly and easily update and edit your own press releases and assets, along with your release schedule and contact details. Announcements can be cued up to go live at a time of your choosing.

You'll also get instant real-time feedback on which publications and companies are looking at your material.

To find out more about Elite, please email us...

Option 3: Let Us Build and Host Your Online Press Room

If your own online press room is hosted by, details of all the technology-related press releases and screenshots you post on it will be automatically fed through to the main site. They'll be available to the thousands of journalists who use on a daily basis, and will be included in the regular e-mail digest we send to all journalists who request it. On top of that, you'll have a press site that's just as sophisticated and easy to use as itself. For more details of our press site hosting services, please step this way...

Please note:
  • We can't promise to publish everything we receive.
  • In particular, we don't tend to publish press releases from magazines or websites, simply because if we did we'd be swamped by hundreds of them every day.
  • While we'll take every care to reproduce your material in exactly the form we receive it, we can't accept responsibility for any errors that sneak in as a result of conversion to web pages.


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