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Since was launched, we've assembled a huge archive of high-tech PR assets. At the last count, and contained:

  • Over 140,000 press releases
  • Over 800,000 screenshots and other images
  • PR contact details for over 10,000 companies
We add new press releases and assets throughout the day, and details of the latest additions appear on the front page and in the daily e-mail digest optionally received by over half our users each day.

Where Do the Press Releases and Pictures On Come From?

All the press releases, images and other press assets on come directly from consumer technology companies, app/online service makers, and PR agencies. Most are emailed in or uploaded via our Elite service, and the rest are sourced from high-tech companies’ press extranets and websites, and press kits handed out at events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). (For details of how to include your press releases on, please see the How to submit news page.)

Are There Any Restrictions on Using the Stuff I Download?

All the press releases, artwork and other files on are distributed by consumer technology and app makers and PR agencies as PR assets. The copyright of all material on remains with the companies who contribute it, but because it's intended as PR material, there's unlikely to be a problem with you using it to support editorial content relating to the products it depicts, either in print or online. But we make no guarantee about the right to reproduce any of the material on, so if you want to be absolutely sure you've got clearance it's best to check with the appropriate high-tech firm or PR agency before publication. Do be sure to include any accompanying copyright messages or photo credits. Oh, and, obviously, you're not allowed to swipe stuff from and reproduce it on your own press release news wire type service. As if.

Can I Upload Videos From Techpressroom.Com To YouTube?

We occasionally hear from users who have had their YouTube accounts penalized after uploading trailers sourced from Copyright disputes can arise over trailers themselves or their soundtracks, or for a variety of other reasons. Sometimes a particular media outlet may even have secured a YouTube exclusive to a particular trailer, unknown to everyone else. In short, it's a minefield. We therefore recommend always obtaining permission from the copyright holder (normally the solution’s manufacturer or creator) before uploading a trailer to YouTube or any other video hosting site.

Why Do Some Pictures Carry Watermarks?

In common with many other websites, we add our own watermarks to screenshots and other images. However, images added to by high-tech providers and PR agencies who subscribe to Elite are available watermark-free to all users. The rest carry TP watermarks by default. While we've no objection to you using images with watermarks, you can optionally download watermark-free versions by setting up a Pro account.

Do I Need to Credit

No. In fact, we ask you NOT to mention in your coverage, or include links to us, as this increases the number of registrations from non-journalists we have to filter. If you want to give a source for news or screenshots, please quote the name of the technology company or PR agency who supplied the material to us. This appears to the right of all press releases and downloads.

Any Restrictions On The Amount I Download?

We have a limited amount of bandwidth to share between over 30,000 users. Although we don't impose a fixed limit on the amount each user can download from, we ask you to keep your use of the service reasonable. This means only downloading the images and files you actually need to accompany your editorial. Automatically downloading every single image we post will eventually result in your login being suspended. If you do need to download large amounts of material from, please set up a TechPressroom Pro account.

Can I Use’s RSS Feed to Add Aa Headline Feed to My Own Website?

No, definitely not. It's for your personal reference only, and mustn't be republished in any form. Doing so would result in your login being revoked. Instantly.

If you've got any other questions about, or you need further clarification on anything, please don't hesitate to email us.



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